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Thoughts Are Not Facts. Next time your mind jumps to a conclusion that inevitably sends in you in a spiral toward depression or anxiety, check to see where your head was at the time of that interpretation.

So is it possible for a person to change their gender? In short, no. It’s not authentically possible. Changing your physical identity does not change your gender identity. It only masks the reality of who God created you to be. When a person tries to change their God-given sexual identity, they are saying, "I don’t care what God thinks.

There are some scientists, like Dr. Joe Dispenza, D.C who claim that your mind can actually change your reality. The brain is not static, rigid and fixed. brain cells are constantly and continually remolded and reorganized by our thoughts and experiences. "Recent studies in neuroscience have shown we can change our brain just by thinking.

 · There are many ways to counter some of the symptoms of depression that don’t involve prescription meds. If you have depression and would like to try handling it without drugs, or if you’d like to supplement your antidepressant with other tactics, check out these alternatives and then talk to your doctor about which might make sense as part of your treatment regimen.

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2. Challenge Your Thoughts Next, do a thought experiment to test the validity of what you’re thinking. Hold your own thought pattern under scrutiny and ask yourself: Is this thought true and accurate? Build your case with real-world evidence: write down all proof for your beliefs in one column and the counter-examples in the other.