Walmart to expand in-store tech, including Pickup Towers for online orders and robots –

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Walmart on Thursday said that its Pickup Towers – giant in-store pickup kiosks now in almost 200 stores – will be in more than 700 locations by the end of the year, making them available to.

Walmart is expanding its modern-day – and oversized – version of a vending machine – but the new model will come with an addition. The discounter plans to add more than 500 additional "pickup.

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Walmart has announced it is going into rapid expansion mode with its system of in-store Pickup Towers. The retailer, which rolled out 200 of the automated kiosks in its stores last year, is looking to add another 500 to locations across the country by the end of 2018.

Walmart to Expand In-Store Tech, Including Pickup Towers for Online Orders and Robots. April 9, 2019.. Walmart’s New Robots are Loved by Staff – and Ignored by customers. january 31, 2018. including pickup Towers for Online Orders and Robots. April 9, 2019.

Walmart is adding more than 500 Pickup Towers to its US stores by the end of this year, the company announced yesterday. The towers allow users to grab their online orders from tall kiosks inside.

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Walmart to expand in-store tech, including Pickup Towers for online orders and robots Apr 09, 2019 Sarah Perez Walmart is doubling down on its technology innovations in its brick-and-mortar stores.

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One of my personal favorites is our Pickup Tower. Much like a high-tech vending machine for your online orders, this feature in a few of our stores allows you to pick up items in less than a minute by scanning a bar code sent to your smartphone. The pilot phase has been so successful we’re expanding it to other locations across the country.

Walmart is expanding the amount of its in-store "Pickup Towers" for online orders. The retailer is adding some 500 more of the across the country by year’s end. Walmart says once the rollout is.