Is Dolphins QB Josh Rosen arrogant or just smart?

When the Miami Dolphins made a 2nd round trade for Josh Rosen, many thought it was a foregone conclusion that he would start 2019’s season but Brian Flores made it clear that this was a full QB.

"Josh is highly intelligent just like Ryan and Jake [Rudock] are in our quarterback room. Having smart guys in the quarterback room is a good thing. I think those guys aren’t afraid to ask why, and we’re not afraid to answer." And that points back to Rosen in a positive sense.

The Dolphins then traded their new No. 62 pick to the Arizona Cardinals for Rosen. Getting Rosen wasn’t just smart.

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Miami dolphins quarterback josh rosen says he had a slow start on the first day of training camp but looks forward to tomorrow, July 25, 2019. By The first day of the Brian Flores era is in the books.

Getting Rosen wasn’t just smart. It’s exactly what this franchise hasn’t done in two decades of searching for a quarterback in the same, aimless manner others search for Sasquatch.

The Miami Dolphins have made it clear all summer that Ryan Fitzpatrick is the frontrunner to win the starting quarterback job, but that does not mean Josh Rosen is completely out of the race.

The Miami Dolphins need a quarterback. Josh Rosen could be a smart acquisition. At some point, the value of a player is so much greater than what a team is seeking in trade, it’s almost impossible.

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Like Manning, Rosen is smart. In fact, in the words of former dolphins head coach jimmy Johnson, probably too smart. What did Johnson mean? Rosen has a reputation for being arrogant. Most Dolphins fans can’t figure out where that reputation came from because his introduction to the Miami media, as least, was nothing but positive. But I have an idea how Rosen might have gotten stuck with this label.

Having smart guys in the quarterback room is a good thing. I think those guys aren’t afraid to ask why, and we’re not afraid to answer." As Fitzpatrick and Rosen begin their battle for the Dolphins’ starting quarterback job this week, coaches are ready for whatever comes their way.

If Rosen makes an unfavorable first impression with the Dolphins, they might still use their top pick next year on a franchise quarterback. For now, Rosen will contend with well-traveled veteran.