edging volts: interconnection prairie

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NEC 690.80, “Where a single overcurrent device is used to protect a set of two or more parallel-connected module circuits, the ampacity of each of the module interconnection conductors shall not be less than the sum of the rating of the single fuse plus 125 percent of the short-circuit current from the other parallel-connected modules.”

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At the western edge of the American prairie, just east of the Rocky Mountains, lies a collection of electrical resources that string together the workhorse of the American economy: the United States power system. Seven back-to-back high voltage direct current facilities (top right) enable

An "Interconnection" is an electric connection between a utility’s energy grid and a private generation system that has the capability to send energy to a utility’s energy grid. private generation systems that can send energy to a utility’s energy grid are also referred to as Distributed Generation (DG).

It can already rapidly dump power between west-central Utah and southern California. With coal prices remaining high relative to natgas and California pushing for more renewables, the future of the Intermountain Power Plant is in question. It seems shortsighted then, to not plan an interconnection at Delta from the start.

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